Empty parameter list when creating an Action to open a drilldown report

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    I am having problem defining parameter value from one report to a drillthrough report.

    From one item in a table report (the origin report), I wish to open a target report and supply it some information through its Parameters.  This appears to be a simple case of a drillthrough report as described in this documentation page 'How to: Add a Drillthrough Report Action'.

    What puzzles me is that, when defining the Action in a TextBox of the origin report, the Edit Parameters does not suggest any parameter name , as opposed to what the documentation describes.

    Here are my steps, from inside MSVS 2015:

    1. Open the origin report Design view, select a textbox - Properties - Action.

    2. Open 'ReportSource' menu, Select 'Type name' and select the target report type class.

    3. Open the 'Edit Parameters...' dialog, hit 'New' to create a new entry and drop-down the 'Parameter Name' combobox of this entry: it is empty; it does not contain the Report Parameters defined in the target report.  

    The documentation says:

    Click Edit Parameters button - Edit Parameters dialog appears. Click New. In the Parameter Name column select the name of the report parameter in the drillthrough report. In the Parameter Value, type or select the value to pass to the parameter in the drillthrough report.

    What I am missing ?

    I am using Reporting Q3 2014 SP1 from MSVS 2015.


  2. Silviya
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    Posted 15 May 2018 Link to this post

    Hello Alain,

    I tested the current approach and indeed, using the Q3 2014 version, there are no available parameters from the drop-down menu of Edit Parameters dialog. However, while testing with the latest version, they show as expected.

    So, my recommendation is to test upgrading to the latest version which is 12.0 18.416. From the provided information, I assume that the version you upgraded to is (SP1).
    In general, upgrading to the latest version will allow to use the latest bug fixes and might eliminate the issues you are currently facing. Then, you need to upgrade the existing projects to the newest version of Reporting using Upgrade Wizard in Visual Studio. 

    In order to download the latest version of Telerik Reporting, log into your telerik.com account.  Once you log in, you should go to Downloads page, locate Progress Telerik Reporting product and when you click on it, a download page should appear, showing the last main build and the latest internal build. 

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