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    I would like to create one universal class because I want to use the control in many places for many things. I have custom class (Picker) which inherit from AutoCompleteBox, inside I have my logic( I have dependency property and I can choose what will be displaying as search text) and also I have xaml with custom style. Inside xaml I have class with custom filtering methods and custom style. Next I have 4 class which inherit from Picker(class) and inside those class I have downloading data from data base (changing ItemSource). Now I can choose which controls will be displaying and which data will be loading(this solution give me 4 controls with different data but I have only one style) everything is working but I have problem with displaying data inside dropdownItem. Now I can choose manually what will be displaying inside dropdown(after the searching) because I have custom dropdown template. I would like to create universal  dependency property which let me chose what will be displaying after the searching (which property from searching object). For example inside User Picker I would like to display First Name and Last Name, inside Role Picker I would like to display only User Role. Everything should have only one style and inside style i would like to choose what will be displaying using dependency property when I am creating controls. Can I create something like this? How I can add this property to style inside Picker class? I am adding drawing with diagram classes
  2. Przemysław
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    I wait 6 days for a response. Please help with this problem.
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    Hello Przemysław,

    This seems quite a custom scenario and we do not have a ready to use approach that we can suggest. 

    As a side note, our forums are a community resource and if you have any concrete questions regarding our controls, you could send send us a support ticket instead that will guarantee you a 24 hours ( Mon-Fri) reply. In the ticket, please send us more details and preferably sample code showing the exact scenario you have, so we to be able to provide proper assistance.

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