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    We're interested in implementing your ImageEditorUI control, and have a few questions concerning its current/future customizability.

    First, here's our scenario: within our software, we have a way in which to capture photos using a webcam/camera. We would then like to pass that captured image to your ImageEditorUI before saving the newly edited image to a database. One of the main editing features we'd like our users to see is the ability to "draw" on the loaded image, and possibly add their own text to the loaded image as well.

    1. I noticed in the "Event when image is loaded" thread that it was mentioned there is an "upcoming" update to the control. When should we expect this new update, and is there anywhere you could point me to that lists what sort of changes/additions we can expect to see?

    2. Are there any plans in the works to add a "drawing" tool to the control, or something in the like? If not, how would you recommend we go about adding this functionality?

    3. Since we will be loading the image into the control automatically (without the help of the user), is there/will there be an option to remove the Open File button from the built-in UI?

    4. Once the user is ready to save the file, we'd like to bypass the SaveDialogBox and have the file save to a non-user specifide location. Are there plans to make it possible to override this command with our own logic?

    Obviously, we could use just the plain ImageEditor without the built-in UI to accomplish 3 and 4. However, we would then have to manually add all of the other tools in order to use them, which seems like a bit of a hassle if we can just remove one button and change the functionality of another.

    Thank you for your time,
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    Ivailo Karamanolev
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    Hi Kyle,

    Thank you for your interest in our control. Here's some more details about your questions.
    1. We will be introducing a CommandExecuting/CommandExecuted events in the RadImageEditor, which will enable you to know when an OpenImageCommand has been executed. However, you mention that you are loading the image programatically into the control, so you should be able to perform any actions when that happens. Actually, currently the only ways to load a new image is through the API or using the OpenImageCommand, so if you are not using the latter, you are safe as only you can initiate image loading. Let me know if I have missed why you need that event.
    2. Drawing is currently not planned, but may be available in the future depending on our plans. However, our current infrastructure, particularly the ITool interface is fully capable of supporting such a tool, so you are free to implement it as to suit your scenario. More on how to use it you can find in the online help.
    3. Currently, the only option to remove these buttons and/or to change the commands they are bound to is to override the RadImageEditorUI template. However, in the service pack coming around mid-September, we will introduce properties in the RadImageEditorUI API that will enable you to change the visibility and/or commands of the buttons in XAML or code-behind alike. If you go for overriding the template, in this forum post it is explained how. It is for Silverlight, but an implementation for WPF would be similar.
    4. The answer overlaps with 3. - you can implement your own command by overriding the template, but this task will be made much simpler in SP1.
    Let us know if you need additional assistance.

    All the best,
    the Telerik team

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