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Diagram DragAndDrop
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n/a asked on 02 Mar 2022, 12:44 AM


Lokking for a way to drag a shape with hollow figure.

I want to know if it is possible to redefine the drag area(center) in RadDiagramShape with a container like function.

As a sample below, Want to drag an empty area(circle center) to the hollow circle

private void InitializeShapeModels()
   this.ShapeModels = new ObservableCollection<ShapeGalleryItemViewModel>();
   this.ShapeModels.Add(new ShapeGalleryItemViewModel(){ CustomGeometry = ShapeFactory.CommonGeometries[CommonShapeType.EllipseShape]});
   GeometryGroup ellipses = new GeometryGroup();
   ellipses.Children.Add( new EllipseGeometry(new Point(50, 50), 50, 50));
   ellipses.Children.Add( new EllipseGeometry(new Point(50, 50), 45, 45));

   Geometry emptyellipses = PathGeometry.CreateFromGeometry(ellipses);
   this.ShapeModels.Add(new ShapeGalleryItemViewModel() { CustomGeometry = emptyellipses });

Dilyan Traykov
Telerik team
commented on 04 Mar 2022, 02:58 PM

Would you find it possible to demonstrate your setup and requirement in a small sample project so that I can try to suggest a viable solution for your particular scenario?

No answers yet. Maybe you can help?

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