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    I have a chart in my report where I print inspections that are divided between finished and unfinished. I get this data from a database field and at the end of my report I created another field called total that sums up all of these numbers. 
    What I need to do next is to get the percentage of how many of these inspections are finished and unfinished, and for that I need to get the sum of each one of the fields and divide by the sum of all finished and unfinished inspections, what should be something like this:

    = (((Sum(Fields.FinishedInsp))/((Sum(Fields.FinishedInsp))+(Sum(Fields.UnfinishedInsp))))-1)*100

    But I noticed that Telerik always return 0 for a division between two Sum() functions instead of the actual value, any idea why am I getting 0 and how to fix the problem?

  2. Brian
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    Posted 11 Jan 2018 in reply to Cleonara Link to this post

    Not sure what the issue is. 

    However, as an alternative, could you do this as a subquery directly in the query? 

    Perhaps attach the report so we can take a peak and see what is going on? At first glance, i can't see an issue.

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