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Prash asked on 11 Feb 2009, 05:34 AM

Presntly we are evaluating the RadGridView for the WPF, we are planning to use it in near future. We have some queries regarding the GridView, I will be helpful if you reply the queries with yes/no.

1 Does it provide configurable keyboard
and mouse edit commands.
Does it provide Excel-like default keyboard and mouse edit behavior, including F2, Esc (cancel edit on a cell and restore the original value), Double-Esc (cancel edit on the entire row and restore the original values), and Enter.
3 Can the Cell editors displaye without entering edit mode, under a variety of conditions such as a mouse hover over the cell or row, the cell or row becoming current, the row being edited, or always.
4 Automatically selects the appropriate editor control depending on the field data type.
5 Manages “null” and “DbNull” values.
6 Any portion of the grid can be made read-only.
7 Custom grouping in grid and details supported or not. Supports hierarchical, multi-level grouping in all views.

Supports UI virtualization, preserving memory and reducing load time, even when grouping.
9 2D and 3D Card View
10 Row margin selects and resizes rows, and displays icons indicating that the row is current, is being edited, is an insertion, or has a validation error
11 Automatically changes a row’s height to fit the contents of the largest cell.
12 Supports error style when Validation throws an exception when trying to leave edit mode.Includes built-in data validation, at the cell or row level.
Wether Error display  integrated with the included views
13 Editor Controls Support:

PhoneMaskedTextBox (North American format).
Simple CurrencyMaskedTextBox.
DateTimeTextBox (with ShortDate, ShortTime, ShortDateAndShortTime, and ShortDateAndLongTime formats). 
14 Does it support Data virtualization (sometimes called “virtual mode” or “lazy loading”) vastly improves performance and reduces memory usage, especially when working with large data sources.
15 Can it automatically obtain and synchronizes bound data from any .NET source, including jagged arrays, any object that implements IListSource or IList, and any ADO.NET DataSet, DataTable, DataView, or DataViewManager object.
16 Can it intercept, parse, and modify data being synchronized with the database from the grid
17 Excel export of grid contents, including groups, detail content, and statistical functions (formulas and values), using XMLSS or CSV.

Thanks and Regards

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Stefan Dobrev
Telerik team
answered on 12 Feb 2009, 06:24 PM
Hello Prash,

Let me address your questions in order:
  1. Currently the grid did not have build in support for edit commands. However in the upcoming release we will have integration example how to implement commands using ContextMenu.
  2. The grid provide basic keyboard navigation support including data manipulation key operations - Enter and Esc.
  3. This behavior is not build-in, but can easily be achieved with custom cell template.
  4. Fully supported.
  5. Yes
  6. Readonly can be set per column and for the whole grid.
  7. Grouping is fully supported in all scenarios.
  8. The grid by default works in virtualization mode, which works for all cases: groping, hierarchical, etc.
  9. Supported. You can check the "Card Style Rows" example in the online samples.
  10. All of the described features are supported.
  11. Supported.
  12. Has build in support for data validation. Visual clues are currently not build in but can be implemented with cell style.
  13. We will ship MaskedTextBox in our next major release. This will enable you to implement all these advanced text editing scenarios.
  14. Currently the grid did not provide an easy way to implement data virtualization. This will be greatly improved in our next release. Stay tuned.
  15. All these data sources are fully supported. 
  16. This is not build in the grid. However this can be implemented in WPF using some kind of UI design pattern ViewModel for example.
  17. The upcoming release of RadControls for WPF will have export capabilities. Check out this blog post.

Hope this will help.
Stefan Dobrev
the Telerik team

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