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    I have a DataForm that i am binding to ObservableCollection that IEditableObject implemented in it. everything is working as expected except it is not pushing the changes/additions to the database.
    my collection class look like this: ("tbl_Suppliers" is the table from the database, "Supplier" is the IEditableObject, AppdataclassDataContext is the LinqToSQL datacontext):

    class suppliersdatacontext
            public  AppdataclassDataContext dataDC = new AppdataclassDataContext();
            private ICollectionView suppliersQur = null;
            public ICollectionView Suppliers
                    if (this.suppliersQur == null)
                        ObservableCollection<Supplier> newSuppliers = new ObservableCollection<Supplier>();

                        foreach (tbl_Supplier thisSupplier in dataDC.tbl_Suppliers)
                            newSuppliers.Add(new Supplier ((int)(thisSupplier.SupplierID),,,    thisSupplier.contactperson, thisSupplier.contactemail, (decimal)(;
                        this.suppliersQur = new QueryableCollectionView(newSuppliers);
                    return this.suppliersQur;

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    Hi Moshik,

    You need to extend the functionality of the form so that it submit the changes to the database. Since DataForm is not aware of the backend (what your database is, whether you are working with such, etc.), it cannot push the modifications to it. 
    What you can try for example is to extend the functionality of the Ok button so that it calls SubmitChanges() method for instance. Check out this article for a reference.

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