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    I'm sure these have both been asked, but I do not see a way to search your forums.

    I am looking to show a bar chart of "sales" over a six month period.  So there are six vertical bars.  Each month also has a goal.  The goal is defined as the sum of each employee's personal goal.  So If I had two employees in Month 1, and their goals were $100,000, then the goal is $200,000.  In month 3 I add a new employee with a goal of $120,000 and now the goal is $320,000.

    To help show this, I want to setup my chart as follows:
      1) Six vertical bar charts with [Jan/Feb/Mar....] underneath.
      2) A plotted point on the chart above or inside these bars indicating the goal for that month.
      3) A tooltip on the bars themselves like "$205,302.02 in sales".
      4) A tooltip on the indicators showing "$200,000 goal between 2 employee(s)"

    So, the questions are:
    #1 and #2 are easy, but I cannot figure out how to do these together.
    # 3 is easy as it uses a template.  But I cannot figure out #4.  There's no template to show "2 employees" unless "2" is part of a data array, and if it is part of a data array, how can I use it in a tool tip and not show it on the chart otherwise?
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