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    I'd like to ask about my problem. I have app where i'm working with tabControl and RadDiagram. First RadDiagram is created in  xaml code and it's loaded manualy with some logic from the xml file. DragDrop logic is based on your DragDrop tutorial and it's working fine. But when i try create diagram manualy behind the code with my own method which is defining the most important things in diagram i don't know how to make it works with my DragDropBehavior Class.

    How could i define dragDrop:DragDropBehaviorRadDiagram.IsEnabled="True" behind code when i'm create new diagram?


    thank you for your time and advices



    Jakub Rautner

    private RadDiagram CreateNewDiagram()
               RadDiagram dgrm = new RadDiagram();
              // Events handlers
               dgrm.ShapeDoubleClicked += new EventHandler<ShapeRoutedEventArgs>(diagram_ShapeDoubleClicked);
               dgrm.MouseDoubleClick += new MouseButtonEventHandler(diagram_MouseDoubleClick);
               dgrm.SelectionChanged += new SelectionChangedEventHandler(diagram_SelectionChanged);
               dgrm.ZoomChanged += new EventHandler<RadRoutedPropertyChangedEventArgs<double>>(diagram_ZoomChanged);
               DragDropManager.AddDropHandler(dgrm, OnDrop);
               dgrm.Style = this.Resources["diagramStyle"] as Style;
               dgrm.ShapeStyleSelector = xGrid.Resources["CustomShapeStyleSelector"] as NodeStyleSelector;
               dgrm.ConnectionStyleSelector = xGrid.Resources["CustomConnectionStyleSelector"] as LinkStyleSelector;
               dgrm.LayoutAsync(LayoutType.Tree, TreeSettings);
               dgrm.IsDraggingEnabled = true;
               dgrm.AllowDrop = true;
               return dgrm;


    Here' s definition RadDiagram in xaml file:  dragDrop is namespace where i have created DragDropBehavior logic for TreeView and RadDiagram 

    <telerik:RadDiagram x:Name="diagram" Grid.Row="0"
      ShapeStyleSelector="{StaticResource CustomShapeStyleSelector}"
      ConnectionStyleSelector="{StaticResource CustomConnectionStyleSelector}"
      Style="{StaticResource diagramStyle}"
      ZoomChanged="diagram_ZoomChanged"                                                    IsZoomEnabled="True"                                                      MouseDoubleClick="diagram_MouseDoubleClick"                                                    AllowDrop="True"                                                    dragDrop:DragDropBehaviorRadDiagram.IsEnabled="True"                                                    ShapeDoubleClicked="diagram_ShapeDoubleClicked"                                                    SelectionChanged="diagram_SelectionChanged">                                    <primitives:ItemInformationAdorner.AdditionalContent>                                        <telerik:SettingsPane x:Name="xSettingsPane" Diagram="{Binding ElementName=diagram}">                                        </telerik:SettingsPane>                                    </primitives:ItemInformationAdorner.AdditionalContent>                                </telerik:RadDiagram>


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    Petar Mladenov
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    Hi Jakub,

    If I understand correctly, the question is general - how to set attached property in code behind.
    The pattern is simple - Canvas.Top="100" set on some grid with x:Name="grid"  in XAML looks like:
    Canvas.SetTop(this.grid, 100)
    in code behind.

    In your scenario the code should be much like:
    DragDropBehaviorRadDiagram.SetIsEnabled(dgrm, true)

    Petar Mladenov
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