Converting RadComboBox to AutoDropDown Bheaviour not working properly in WPF

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  1. G.K. Raju
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    Posted 05 Jun 2017 Link to this post

    Hello Team,


    We are migrating our application from Silverlight to WPF. We are doing code sharing.

    Actually for one scenario, In Data-grid one column we filling data with Auto Complete-box (or) RadcomboBox.

    In Silverlight it's working fine. but the same style, When i use in WPF, I am getting some problem. 

    1. Navigation through up, down , left and Right  key is not working properly. (its not navigating, we have to press escape button, and then its moving.)

    2. When I focus the particular cell which is having rad combo box style. its coming  as grey color and text not visible.

    but the same style is working fine in silverlight.


    this is 2nd scenario.


    we thought, some problem with style and we applied telerik WPF style of RadcomboBox. then Silverlight is not working properly.


    we are getting confused, Please help us with common style which will work for both.

    Thanks in advance.


  2. G.K. Raju
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    Posted 06 Jun 2017 in reply to G.K. Raju Link to this post

    Any update ?
  3. Martin
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    Our controls share the majority of their code and XAML between Silverlight and WPF, however not entirely, which is especially true for the markup of the input controls (RadComboBox, RadAutoCompleteBox, RadWatermartTextBox). You can try and add the used control without a custom style, so it would receive it from the theme assembly (or its native assembly in XAML-incuded scenario) and see if the issue is reproduced. In case it is not, but you need to make changes to the default style, I could suggest to try using different styles, if possible, for SL and for WPF in separate ResourceDictionaries and merge the appropriate one for each of the cases in code behind.

    Could I ask you to provide more information about your use case:
    1. Are you using our RadGridView or the native DataGrid
    2. The theme you are using for your application
    3. Whether the control you are having issues with is the RadAutoComepleteBox or the RadComboBox and in what scenarios.
    4. Do you use it in the cell template or in the cell editor template
    5. If it is possible, please provide a sample runnable project where the issue is reproduced.

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