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  1. Peter Bogoyavlensky
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    Posted 13 Nov 2014 Link to this post

    Would it be possible to create combobox (within GridViewComboBoxColumn) with image and text (as it was done for RadDropDownList)?
  2. Dess | Tech Support Engineer, Sr.
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    Posted 18 Nov 2014 Link to this post

    Hello Peter,

    Thank you for writing.

    In order to display an image inside the RadDropDownListEditor, you can subscribe to the RadDropDownListEditorElement.VisualItemFormatting event and set the VisualItem.Image property to the desired image:
    private void Form1_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
        GridViewComboBoxColumn comboColumn = new GridViewComboBoxColumn("Combo column");
        comboColumn.DataSource = this.categoriesBindingSource;
        comboColumn.ValueMember = "CategoryID";
        comboColumn.DisplayMember = "CategoryName";
        this.radGridView1.CellEditorInitialized += radGridView1_CellEditorInitialized;
        this.radGridView1.AutoSizeColumnsMode = GridViewAutoSizeColumnsMode.Fill;
    private void radGridView1_CellEditorInitialized(object sender, GridViewCellEventArgs e)
        RadDropDownListEditor ddl = e.ActiveEditor as RadDropDownListEditor;
        if (ddl != null)
            RadDropDownListEditorElement editorElement = ddl.EditorElement as RadDropDownListEditorElement;
            editorElement.VisualItemFormatting -= editorElement_VisualItemFormatting;
            editorElement.VisualItemFormatting += editorElement_VisualItemFormatting;
    private void editorElement_VisualItemFormatting(object sender, VisualItemFormattingEventArgs args)
        DataRowView rowView = args.VisualItem.Data.DataBoundItem as DataRowView;
        if (rowView != null)
            args.VisualItem.Image =ImageHelper.GetImageFromBytes(rowView.Row["Picture"] as byte[]);
            args.VisualItem.ImageLayout = ImageLayout.Zoom;

    I hope this information helps. Should you have further questions, I would be glad to help.

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