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    Telerik v2013 "UI for Winforms"
    .Net 3.5
    Visual Studio 2008

    We have a .Net desktop application built using Visual Studio with Telerik UI for WinForms integrated.  We are using the Chartview feature to show user some charts.  However they are not displaying correctly and we cannot identify why.

    We have set label mode to Top, it shows the label correctly for positive values but, it should display the bar lables at bottom side in case of negative values. We used radChartView control and belowbarSeries properties.

    barSeries.ShowLabels = true;
    barSeries.LabelMode = BarLabelModes.Top;

    Fig1 attached shows our current chart with the incorrect label positioning
    Fig2 attached shows how we would like the chart to display (a mockup).

    Please help to explain how we can achieve this in the chart?

  2. Hristo
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    Hi Barry,

    Thank you for writing.

    This type of functionality is not provided out of the box. However this can be easily achieved by subscribing to the LabelFormatting event and in the handler manually move the label downwards the labels of the bars having negative values. This can be achieved by setting a proper value to the BarLabelElement.PosittionOffset property, this can be calculated through the RadRect object contained in the LayoutSlot property. Please see my code snippet below:
    public partial class Form1 : Form
        public Form1()
            BarSeries barSeries = new BarSeries("Performance", "RepresentativeName");
            barSeries.Name = "Q1";
            barSeries.DataPoints.Add(new CategoricalDataPoint(-3, "Harley"));
            barSeries.DataPoints.Add(new CategoricalDataPoint(-2, "White"));
            barSeries.DataPoints.Add(new CategoricalDataPoint(-1, "Smith"));
            barSeries.DataPoints.Add(new CategoricalDataPoint(0, "Jones"));
            barSeries.DataPoints.Add(new CategoricalDataPoint(1, "Marshall"));
            barSeries.ShowLabels = true;
            barSeries.LabelMode = BarLabelModes.Top;
        private void radChartView1_LabelFormatting(object sender, ChartViewLabelFormattingEventArgs e)
            BarLabelElement barLabel = e.LabelElement as BarLabelElement;
            if (barLabel != null)
                int value = int.Parse(e.LabelElement.DataPoint.Label.ToString());
                if (value < 0 )
                    RadRect rect = e.LabelElement.DataPoint.LayoutSlot;
                    barLabel.PositionOffset = new PointF(0, (float)rect.Height + 30);

    I would like to note that this solution will work for the case you describe, if you decide to use this approach in another scenario you might need to slightly change it.

    I am also sending you screenshot of the result on my end.

    Hristo Merdjanov

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