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    In the application I'm currently developing for, we are using the the WPF RadRichTextBox as an Html editor, in which documents are synced to a server and accessed from many different computers.

    In order to handle embedded images (ImageInlines), we associate each image with a content id number, which is stored on the server.  My problem comes into effect when the user downloads a document (along with it's embedded images) from the server, since the content id number is stored in place of the src attribute on the Html <image> tag. The Telerik control parses the image tag fine, and simple displays an image placeholder due to the content id being an invalid path, so I loop through the Document's ImageInlines and replace the src attribute with a proper filepath:
    IEnumerable<ImageInline> inlines = document.EnumerateChildrenOfType<ImageInline>();
    foreach (ImageInline image in inlines)
        image.UriSource = new Uri(GetLocalPath(image.UriSource.AbsolutePath);

    The problem then is that the RichTextBox control doesn't seem to update to show the image at the given path (even though I have verified, by exporting and inspecting the Html, that the src attribute points to a valid image file).  Is there some sort of "force update" that I need to perform, or perhaps a step I'm missing? Or is there possibly just a better way of doing something along these lines?

    Chris Covert
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    Hi Chris,

    I tested this scenario but was unable to reproduce the behavior you are observing. Please find attached a sample solution demonstrating that a change in the UriSource of an image takes affect immediately. 

    That said, I suggest you open a support ticket and send us a sample solution with the mentioned by you implementation, so we can investigate further. Thank you in advance!
    All the best,
    the Telerik team

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