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  1. Ben
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    I would like to change the AutoScaling size from 5% max data to 0, so that the chart scales every time a new highest data value is set, is there a way to do this?

    E.G. I have 3 sets of data in a bar series, 3, 6, and 10. The chart appears to have a 1-2 gap of white space above it, roughly 5% of the highest data. When the highest data reaches this value, it adds another 5% of space above the column, causing the appearance of "choppy" chart behavior in a rapid-live data environment. I'd like to maintain the 5% gap of space, but simply have it re-size the data every time.
  2. Bartholomeo Rocca
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    Hello Ben,

    Try setting LinearAxis.RangeExtendDirection property to "None" or "Negative" -- that should do the trick.

  3. Ben
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    Thanks for the quick response! That is almost* perfect, however it is still adding 'x' blank space when the bar reaches the top of the edge. Before it was a 5-10% buffer range from the top edge, not it's at the top edge. I'm just trying to get rid of the behavior of adding x to the top of the chart when the highest value reaches the buffer, and instead only add the amount added. Meaning the bar with the highest value is always flush with the top of the chart, (with or w/o a buffer) so that the entire thing doesn't look like it's "jittery". My boss says it looks like our data acquisition is "laggy" because the chart keeps "jumping," which I know is an effect of trying to reduce CPU load by increasing the size of the chart EVERY time, but in all honesty, they won't be happy until it's smooth.

    The end result should be that 1 bar is flush with the top* at all times, and all other bars populate normally.

    Thanks again for your help.


    * top is just the top of the data, i.e. flush with the edge of the control w/range enxtender at none, or 5-10% down w/o it
  4. Giuseppe
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    Posted 19 Mar 2012 Link to this post

    Hello Ben,

    RadChartView does not provide built-in support (API) for this scenario -- in order to ensure that the bar with highest value is always at the top of the chart, you will need to manually set the LinearAxis.Maximum property value to the highest value in your itemssource.

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