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    I have a combo box with multiple combobox items.  (The example is implemented using MVVM)

    Each combo box item contains
    1. DatePicker for StartDate
    2. DatePicker for EndDate
    3. OK button.
    4. TextBlock

    When the combo box is expanded and
    1. When I click on the DatePicker control, the combo box collapses.  I was hoping that the DatePicker control would show me the calendar and I could select the date, instead of collapsing the combobox.
    (Note: The above behavior is only for RadComboBox and not the default ComboBox)

    2. When I click on the "OK" button, I calculate the Text that has to be displayed and I am expecting the combobox to collapse. (I have Command set up for button to handle the click event). But the combobox does not collapse

    What I would like is
    1.  Not let the combobox collapse when I click on the DatePicker control to select a date
    2. When I click on the "OK" button, the combobox should collapse (just like when an item is selected inside combobox)

    Note:  I am using MVVM, so I don't have scope to use event handlers.

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