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Broken Parameters

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Report Designer (standalone)
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John asked on 14 Mar 2018, 02:36 PM

I have a very simple query (below). I have tested in SQL Management Studio as well as the Configure DataSource in the Telerik Report Designer. Both return 19 rows of data. I added the ISNULL as those fields have the ability to be NULL and wanted to eliminate them from causing an error. If there is no parameter in query everything works . When a parameter is filled in I see the title of the TABLE but the rest is blank. I know this is something beyond simple. 

If I put in a default value into the parameter field on the table not even the header appears. The attachment shows how the Parameter is setup. Originally I was trying to pass the RegardingIdentifier () and through that was it so I modified the routine to use a string and still get the same results.



, Tasks.RegardingIdentifier
, Tasks.StatusIdentifier
, Tasks.TaskNumber
, Tasks.DescriptionShort
, Tasks.StartDate
, Tasks.DueDate
, ISNULL(Tasks.Priority, 'Normal') AS Priority
, ISNULL(Tasks.EstimatedHours, 0) AS EstimatedHours
, ISNULL(Tasks.PercentComplete, 0) AS PercentComplete
, ISNULL(Status.FieldName, '') AS TaskStatus
LEFT OUTER JOIN AppSettings Status ON Tasks.StatusIdentifier = Status.AppSettingIdentifier
LEFT OUTER JOIN Accounts ON Tasks.RegardingIdentifier = Accounts.AccountIdentifier
(Accounts.AccountCode = @AccountCode)
AND (Tasks.TaskComplete = 0)

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Telerik team
answered on 19 Mar 2018, 12:56 PM
Hello John,

The screenshot shows configuration of a Report Parameter. Have you linked the Report Parameter to the corresponding SqlDataSource Parameter?

You can check how to do it through the Report Designer in the '4. Configure Data Source Parameters' section of the SqlDataSource Wizard article, or
programmatically in the Using Parameters with the SqlDataSource component article - Binding SQL Query Parameters to Report Parameters section.

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Report Designer (standalone)
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