Binding a DataSet to a GridviewComboBoxColumn

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    I've searched for a while but didn't find anything useful about it.

    I've a dataset, filled with an SQL query which contains a table of many records, and a gridView with a comboboxcolumn. I try to bind my comboboxcolumn with my dataset, but it only displays the first row, in my whole column. For example, if I have 400 records, it displays 400 times the first record.

    Here's my code in my .xaml :

    <telerik:RadGridView HorizontalAlignment="Left"
                                 ItemsSource="{Binding dataSetCameras}"

    etc, and :

    <telerik:GridViewComboBoxColumn Header="Cameras"
                                                    DataMemberBinding="{Binding reference}"
                                        <RowDefinition />
                                        <RowDefinition />
                                    <TextBlock Grid.ColumnSpan="2" Text="{Binding reference}" />
                                    <StackPanel Grid.Row="1" Orientation="Horizontal">
                                        <TextBlock Foreground="#FF356EA6" Text="{Binding sold}" />
                                        <TextBlock Text=", " />
                                        <TextBlock Foreground="#FF356EA6" Grid.Column="1" Text="{Binding broken}" />
                                        <TextBlock Text=", " />
                                        <TextBlock Foreground="#FF356EA6" Grid.Column="2" Text="{Binding stolen}" />

    And in my .cs :

    ((GridViewComboBoxColumn)this.gridViewCameras.Columns["Camera"]).ItemsSource = datas.dataSetCameras.Tables;

    Did I miss something ? And yes, I'm sure that my dataset is filled with the right values.

    Thanks for your help !
  2. Answer
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    Posted 12 Jun 2014 Link to this post


    I tested binding GridViewComboBoxColumn to a DataTable.DefaultView and it worked fine, populating all the items available in my table. 
    Would you please try:
    ((GridViewComboBoxColumn)this.gridViewCameras.Columns["Camera"]).ItemsSource = datas.dataSetCameras.Tables.DefaultView;

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  3. Christophe
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    Posted 12 Jun 2014 in reply to Dimitrina Link to this post


    Thanks for your answer, I've finally find out that it works if I write :
    ((GridViewComboBoxColumn)this.gridViewCameras.Columns["Camera"]).ItemsSource = donnees.dataSetCameras.Tables[0].DefaultView;

    I only added [0] in my value but I'd try your solution too. I've written that moments ago but it didn't work, maybe because I forgot to add / change something in my xaml beside. That's why I didn't find the answer sooner.

    Thanks !
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