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Beta Feedback: My personal wishlist for next Kendo Spreadsheet releases

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Otto Neff
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Otto Neff asked on 01 Oct 2015, 01:51 PM

after a quick look at the beta in 2015Q3, here some feedback 
what would be my personal wishlish for the future for this awesome widget:

- Change Values from Code
- Disable / Enable any Cell or functions like Context Menu
- Configuration Custom Toolbar
- Custom Editors (like on the grid) on cell base to have any kind of widget to lookup or select values
- Default Cell Types like Date(Time)Picker, Checkbox, SimpleCombo or Autocomplete
- Eventing on Cells like Change, Edit, Save, Validate
- Conditional Formatting
- Drag down / square handle in the corner to repeat / increase counter (numeric/date)
- Hide Columns and Row Numbers, Hide Sheets, Hide Formula => Just the Grid
- API to Add/Delete Rows (without full refresh)
- API to set Filters, Fixed Cols/Rows etc. or setOptions( {filter: { ref: "A3:G49", columns:[]}});
- Hide/Show Columns / Grouping

Just fancy things:
- AutoSize Height/Width of Cells
- MulitColumn Header
- Total Rows/Columns
- MouseOver Comment Readonly/Editable (RedArrowCornner/Yellow PopupNote)

Keep up the great work, to simplify developers life ;-)

Kind regards, Otto.

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Telerik team
answered on 02 Oct 2015, 01:40 PM
Hello Otto,

Thank you for the nice words about the new Spreadsheet widget.

We also appreciate sharing your Spreadsheet feature wishlist :) I suggest you divide the items from it logically into groups, and post each of these groups as separate entries on our feedback portal. Thus we'll gauge the interest in them by the number of votes/comments they get, to be contemplated and prioritized for future releases.

Best regards,
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Otto Neff
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