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API differences, Known Issues and ToDo List for RadDock Q2 2009 Beta

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Telerik Admin asked on 10 Jun 2009, 01:13 PM
To help avoid repetitive bug/issue reports, we are providing you with a list of common API differences between the old and the new versions, as well as a list of known issues and ToDos. Feel free to share your comments. More information on RadDock Q2 Beta you can find here.

Common DockingManager API vs RadDock Q2 2009 API


DockingManager RadDock Q2 Beta
using Telerik.WinControls.Docking; using Telerik.WinControls.Dock;
class DockableWindowCollection class DockWindowCollection
class DockPanel class DockWindow
(or ToolWindow or DocumentWindow)
interface IDockable interface IDockWindow
(generally DockWindow class can be used)
DdockingManager.SetDock(window, position) radDock.DockWindow(window, position)
DdockingManager.Float(window) RadDock .FloatWindow(window);
dockPane.DockTo(anotherWindow, state) dockingManager1.DockWindow(window, DockPosition.Bottom);
dockWindow.DockState = DockState.Floating;
dockWindow.DockState = DockState.AutoHide; etc
radDock1.DockWindow(dockPane, anotherWindow , state)
dockingManager.DockingStateChanged radDock.DockStateChanged
dockingManager.DockingStateChanging radDock.DockStateChanging
dockingManager.Hide(dockWindow, true); dockWindow.DockState = DockState.AutoHide;
dockingManager.LoadXML(fileName) LoadFromXml(fileName)
+ overloads available
dockingManager.SaveXML(fileName) SaveToXml(fileName)
+ overloads available
dockingManager1.Reset() radDock.Clear()
dockingManager.GetManagedDockables radDock.DockWindows
dockPane.TabStripVisible = false; dockWindow.TabStrip.TabStripElement.Visibility = ElementVisibility.Collapsed;
DockWindow.Activated event RadDock.ActiveWindowChanged/Changing

Known Issues

Issues with Events

  • Closing a Document by clicking the Close button will result in DockWindowRemoved to fire two times. The same can be observed when closing document windows by clicking a button;
  • DockStateChanging and DockStateChanged do not fire when double-clicking on a Floating window (to return it in the dock);
  • No events will fire when changing a dock window's state by drag and drop (for example when docking a floating window);
  • DockWindowRemoved will fire two times if removed the following way:
  • DockWindowClosed and Closing will not fire when closing a Floating window.

Run-time Issues

  • Floating Windows can be docked even when Enabled = false;
  • Setting RightToLeft to true does not rotate the Windows and Documents appropriately;
  • Docking a floating ToolWindow into another floating ToolWindow will result in all actions such as Dockable, AutoHide, etc to do nothing;
  • Setting a window to be in AutoHide mode in design time, and showing the Context Menu at run time will restrict the AutoHide window from opening;
  • Showing one of two AutoSize windows which are on the same side in the container, and resizing it will break the other one (mouse hover will not open it);
  • Changing a ToolWindow to be Tabbed Document, closing it, then closing all other Document Windows, and drag and dropping a new ToolWindow to become a Tabbed Document will show the first, closed ToolWindow;
  • When all ToolWindows are set to AutoHide, clicking on Hide will do nothing. Nothing will happen if Dock is clicked afterwards as well;
  • Tool Windows added at design time, and set to AutoHide at run time will always hide them to the Left;
  • The Document Window text shows behind the buttons;
  • Adding one ToolWindow in two different ways through the API, and opening the ToolWindow's pop up at run time will result in an error;
  • Moving to Next/Previous Tabbed Group is not available at the moment.

Design-time Issues

  • In design time select a ToolWindow and change its DockState to Floating. Adding a new toolWindow after that through the Smart Tag will reset the changed DockState;
  • The splitter is difficult to be selected to resize the panels in design time. Even when resized, the new sizes are not applied at run time.

Serialization Issues

  • Load one layout two times. Clicking anywhere in a window will throw a Object Reference error;
  • Adding AutoHide windows to Right, Top or Bottom and saving and loading the layout afterwards will not load the AutoHide windows at the correct positions.

ToDo List for the Official Q2 2009 Release

  • New API to:
    • change the docking guide images;
    • to change docking guides' appearance through theme;
    • to enable theming.
  • XML serialization enhancements - floating containers will be serialized to allow for complete (and correct) deserialization;
  • Advanced layout designer (in VS designer);
  • Visual Style Builder support;
  • Splitter UI / theming support / API
  • Localization (through localization provider)
  • Better Right to Left support
  • Enhanced splitter drag behavior in VS designer
  • More demos
  • Help

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