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Adding AJAX to RadWindow containing Controls and RadListView in Master Page/Content Page Architecture

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This is a migrated thread and some comments may be shown as answers.
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Brian asked on 27 Aug 2013, 03:33 PM



Our goal is to add AJAX to a page that has a somewhat complicated architecture. The basic structure is:

Master Page

  1. RadAjaxManager
  2. RadScriptManager

Content Page

  1. RadAjaxManagerProxy
  2.  RadGrid
  3. RadWindow (Opened from button click on RadGrid)
  • 4 Buttons (Which execute server-side code that affects the contents of the RadWindow)
  • User Control (Collection of labels to display information only)
  • RadListView (Each item in the RadListView has controls to display or change data)
  • Item Delete Button (One per RadListView item)
  • RadComboBox (One per RadListView item) (Updates Label below)
  • Label (One per RadListView item)

There are other controls on the page but they are out of scope, so to speak, of what the main issue is. For simplicity's sake they are not listed.

So, the Master Page holds the main RadAjaxManager and RadAjaxScriptManager, and the Content Page has the RadAjaxManagerProxy. Using the Proxy, I've been able to successfully AJAX the controls inside the Content Page, including the RadGrid and it opening the RadWindow after clicking a button in the row in the RadGrid.

However, we've hit a roadblock with trying to AJAXify the controls inside the RadWindow. At best, we can get it so that the Item Delete Button and ComboBox updating the Label work, but they cause the entire RadWindow to blink in and out or disappear/reappear. The buttons, which have to do with saving the data in the RadWindow to the database, adding an item to the RadListView, or deleting everything, are specifically the biggest problem. No attempt has made them work using AJAX. They always cause a full postback.

The complexity of the items in our RadListView may be an issue, though I'm not sure. Each item holds numerous controls that display or change the data of the object represented. I haven't found many examples of people using it this way, and fewer that try to AJAX them.

Any suggestions on what to try, or examples to look at, would be appreciated. Ideally, we would like all operations inside the RadWindow to be AJAX, and to have a seamless user experience -- no RadWindow blinking, and certainly not full postbacks.

Thanks for any help anyone can give!

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Antonio Stoilkov
Telerik team
answered on 30 Aug 2013, 07:44 AM
Hello Brian,

In order to ajaxify the RadWindow you could follow the help article shown below. The idea is to use a UpdatePanel instead of the RadAjaxManager. For further information on why this is required you could read the In Conclusion section of the article.

Antonio Stoilkov
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Antonio Stoilkov
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