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    i want to add a new row to the grid, when the user completes the editing of the last row (i am having 3 columns, in that first two columns only editable, so the user when completes editing the second column focus should be set to the newly added row's second column, so that the user can start typing it.

    In this once i added a new row (when user presses tab after editing last row's second column) focus is moved out of the grid, but the new row is added.

    how can acheive this?

  2. Yoan
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    Posted 25 Feb 2013 Link to this post

    Hi Subash,

    In order to achieve your goal, you could create your own custom keyboard provider. Please refer to this help article for further details. Then you can predefine the behaviour for the Tab key overriding the ProvideCommandsForKey method similar to:

    public override IEnumerable<ICommand> ProvideCommandsForKey(Key key)
                List<ICommand> commandsToExecute = base.ProvideCommandsForKey(key).ToList();
                if (key == Key.Tab)
                    Club currentItem = parentGrid.CurrentItem as Club;
                    var currentColumn = parentGrid.CurrentColumn;
                    if ((currentItem != null) && (parentGrid.Items.IndexOf(currentItem) == (parentGrid.Items.Count-1)) && (currentColumn.DisplayIndex == parentGrid.Columns.Count - 2))
                return commandsToExecute;

    For your convinience, I have prepared a sample project that you can find attached.

    I hope this helps.

    the Telerik team

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