Acessinf nested subreport properties.

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    my hierachy:

    --+-> MasterReport
                    +-> SubReport 1
                      +-> Textbox 1
                      +-> Textbox 2
                      +-> SubReport 11
                                   +-> Textbox 3
                                   +-> SubReport 111
                      +-> SubReport 21
                                   +-> Textbox 4
                                   +-> SubReport 211
    In my report construcutor i'm hidding SubReport1 like this:

    SubReport1.Visible = false ;

    But i can't find any way to access SubReport11, SubReport111 or SubReport21 from here.
    I have try:
      SubReport1.Items["SubReport11"].Visible = false;
      SubReport1.Report.Items["SubReport11"].Visible = false;

      Cant you please tell me how you would access to the SubReport11 Visible Propertie from the code of MasterReport.

    Pierre LEBON
  2. Pierre
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    Jun 2016

    Posted 11 Aug 2016 Link to this post


    I had some issue finding my SubReport because i was looking in the "SubReport" and not in the "SubReport" .
    A SubReport is the Report Source of a SubReport. the frist on is an other report, the other is a box that can recieve SubReport.

    Once you know the difference you can use find() or declare Telerik.Reporting.SubReport as public.
    You should use find() because , you never know if the designer code is going to be reset after you add a TextBox.



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