MVVM KendoGrid and 1-D arrays

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    I have created an online CodePen Demo: where I have a Grid bound to a KendoObservable 1-D array. The Array is meant to be (Item, Value) pairs. There are a number of clumsy things here that I would like to clean up.
    • I would love it if you supported Grid's that had Vertical Orientation, so that I could just have display 1-D array, and use the Column Headings for each item: see:
    • Doing the lookup for the value and changing it involves hard constants (stateTable[1].Value = foo. Do I have to have a use an index table that translates integers to keys. I.e. var StatusKey = 0, TileCountKey = 1, etc.  (then it would be stateTable[TileCountKey] = 2) Still seems clumsy.
    • This would be especially fragile, if the user could add and delete rows. (batch editing).
    • The KendoObservable.set() is not working for this example. So I am doing a manual trigger, which I saw in a post by Alexander Valchev, but I don't see document anywhere. This also feels a bit clumsy.
    • Why is there a scroll bar on my Grid?
    Bottom line. It works now, but I want to know if there is something in KendoUI today, that would make this cleaner, and if not, do you have anything in UserVoice planned to fix this up?
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