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       1.  I am grouping the data in report. However I am getting group on each page. eg. 1st group of customer shown on 1st page, 2nd group of customer shown on 2nd page. The data is not so large to go on next page. Do I need to set any property for showing all groups on one page?
    If yes please let me know.

       2. I am not getting the print option on my report anywhere. For getting the print button do I need to write some code or do I have to include any dll file in my application. If include the dll file from where will I get that?

        3. Does the reporting tool provides any in-built aggregate function like
        sum(),average() for columns? Or it is suppossed to be done  programmatically?  
  2. Svetoslav
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    Posted 24 Sep 2007 Link to this post

    Hi Rahul,

    1) Please check whether any of your Group Header/Footer sections have their PageBreak set to other value than PageBreak.None. If this don't help, please open a support ticket and send us your report so we be able to investigate the problem.

    2) In all versions before Q2 2007 the print button was hidden by default in the Web ReportViewer. To enable it, set ReportViewer.ShowPrintButton to True. We will nevertheless recommend you to upgrade to the latest version Q2 2007 (1.5) where this is set to true, by default.

    3) Yes, the reporting engine supports most of the common aggregate functions - Sum, Avg, Min, Max, Count etc., together with many built-in and user defined functions. Please, review the documentation for more information on the topic.

    Best wishes,
    the Telerik team

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