What's Next in
App Development

TelerikNEXT Online | Watch Full Webinar

TelerikNEXT Online What is Next in App Development

New Tooling from Telerik to Help You Modernize and Mobilize Your Apps!

Watch TelerikNEXT Online to hear the announcements and see the demos you missed at our premiere developer conference, TelerikNEXT.

  • Listen to Telerik VPs and product managers talk about the Telerik vision for app mobilization and modernization, be it on mobile, desktop or the web
  • Learn about our 2015 roadmap, and see how we’re evolving to address modern application development
  • Watch exciting demos and speakers showcasing what’s next in mobile and web development
  • Learn about critical developer trends, and see how Telerik tools are evolving to keep developers and development organizations one step ahead of curve

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