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DevCraft R2 May 2017 Release Webinar

Awesome Features With Telerik UI Tools R2 2017

Here comes the R2 release webinar for Telerik UI tools - we’re excited to present the cool new features of our .NET Tools for .NET Ninjas!

Highlights include:

Web Platforms UI Tooling:

  • Bootstrap Theme out of the box.
  • Gorgeous Sass Theme Builder for customizing your own themes.
  • Listbox and the DateInput new widgets.

Mobile UI Tooling:

  • TabView component to easily add tabs to Xamarin mobile app.
  • Xamarin BusyIndicator control to easily signify that the app is loading.
  • DayView functionality of RadCalendar in the UI for Xamarin Calendar control.
  • LinearGauge will allow you to display certain value from sensor or process in UI for Xamarin.
  • New scenario templates to make Xamarin app development an ease.

Desktop Platforms UI Tooling:

  • New Material theme for both UI for WPF and UI for WinForms.
  • New Virtual Grid control to display and use unlimited data with best performance in UI for WPF.
  • New Material Design theme to extend the custom capabilities with UI for WPF and WinForms.
  • RadPdfViewer to leverage signing and verifying digital signature in UI for WPF and WinForms.
  • High DPI support to scale properly in different DPI environments with UI for WinForms. 
  • Accessibility support for our UI for UWP controls.


  • Angular 4 viewer component in Telerik Reporting.
  • QueryBuilder supports OpenEdge database through ODBC connection.

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