Get Your Apps Ready
for ASP.NET 5

Get Your Apps Ready for ASP.NET 5

6 Tips for Busy Developers:

  1. What's new in ASP.NET 5

    • .NET Runtimes?
    • Dot Net Executable
    • What's included
    • Timelines
  1. What's new in

    Core MVC

    • Configurations
    • TagHelpers
  1. Going Cross-Platform

    • Command Line tooling
    • HomeBrew, NPM & Yeoman
    • ASP.NET on OSX/Linux
    • OmniSharp
    • Sublime Text, VS Code & more
  1. What's new in WebForms 4.6

    • HTTP2
    • Roslyn Integration
    • Async Model Binding & EF
  1. Visual Studio Tooling

    • ASP.NET 5 changes in VS 2015
    • Impact of Roslyn
    • Bower, Gulp & Grunt
  1. Telerik UI for ASP.NET

    • Tooling readiness
    • UI for ASP.NET MVC updates
    • UI for ASP.NET Ajax updates
    • Plenty more to look forward

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