In Q2 2014 the Telerik Just product teams concentrated on improving some frequently used features that you have voted for on our public feedback portals

Our primary goal is to continue to listen to your comments and votes, and implement and enhance the most popular functionalities.


One of the most liked feature requests on the JustCode’s feedback portal was “Remove Unused References”. We listened and implemented. Now you can get rid of those references you’ve added to your project but didn’t actually use, executing just one command – JustCode’s “Remove Unused References”. You can easily start it from the context menu by right clicking on a project name in the Solution Explorer. To make sure you know exactly what’s happening, you will be presented with an information box showing you the references that are unused and could be removed.

JustCode new features

With the Q2 2014 release you have one more reason to use the JustCode Test Runner. Now the Test Runner creates a tab for every test run you start in the current Visual Studio session. If you have several failing tests, you can fix one of them, and, having the tabs, you can run only the failing tests again and see what other failing tests are left to fix. This handy new feature helps you streamline the process of making your unit tests green. The tabs let you easily compare the execution times and statuses of the tests.

JustCode new features


If you write unit tests that include mocking tests, it’s important to be able to run your tests together with the tests of your team on the CI build machine. And JustMock can help you with that as it can be installed on a build machine and there’s no need of purchasing a special license for that – just use the regular developer license that is available for JustMock. Of course there are cases when you want to run your tests with builds on a shared hosting build server which doesn’t allow installation of a third party software. In such cases JustMock can also help you with one of the Q2 2014 new features – installation-free elevated mocking. This means you will be able to configure JustMock to activate the profiler without prior installation.

JustMock new features

The other Q2 2014 JustMock new features complement the rich set of mocking capabilities which JustMock offers you – link to the release notes.


Whenever you need to drill down in your code and find out what exactly is responsible for most of the execution time of your application, you can use the Source-level profiling in JustTrace. You can easily find hot spots suitable for performance optimization. This is also true when you profile a third party application and have the source code for it. Of course this is a feature we introduced a couple of releases ago, but it lacked an important enhancement – being available in the All Methods List view. This is an important enhancement as it will let you directly drill down into your code when you review the performance of your methods sorted by the total time spent in each of them. It will accumulate all the callsites’ source level performance and present you with the results at the most convenient view for the purpose – this way JustTrace shortens the path for you to track down the hot spots in your app.

JustTrace new features

What’s Next?

You are next – we want you to speak up and share your feedback with us on our feedback portals . Your comments and votes shape our plans for the next Just Q releases.

Happy coding!

About the Author

Vladimir Dragoev

Vladimir Dragoev is a product manager for Screen Builder at Telerik. Before Screen Builder, he worked on the Just* teams (JustCode, JustTrace, JustMock, JustDecompile) and on Telerik AppBuilder. He values user feedback a lot and shares it constantly with the product teams. Feel free to contact him on the Telerik Platform Feedback Portal ( or on Twitter @vdragoevtelerik(


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