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Hello everyone and welcome back to XAMLflix with RadDataForm for Silverlight and WPF. I hope you have been enjoying the series so far. Last week we took a look at two major controls, the RadRichTextBox and RapMap. In today’s episode, we will take a look at the RadDataForm and see just easy you can turn arbitrary business objects into a form layout.

What is XAMLflix you might ask? Well, it is Telerik’s way of teaching you how to use both new and existing controls from Telerik’s XAML suite. Each and every Thursday, we will provide a fresh batch of videos and sample projects highlighting a different control. Since our Silverlight and WPF share a common codebase and API, you only have to learn how to use these controls once! You can simply copy and paste the code between frameworks.

Introducing RadDataForm

The RadDataForm provides a way to display and edit arbitrary business objects in a form layout. It provides a basic UI for navigation trough a collection of business objects as well. The built in editors are auto generated by default, so that a fully operational CRUD support may be achieved with a single line of code - just binding to the business object.

  • Getting Started with RadDataForm – In this video, we will dive into Visual Studio 2010 and begin with File -> New Project and discover what the RadDataForm control has to offer. With RadDataForm, you are able to display and edit arbitrary business objects in a form layout with ease. (Download the Project)
  • Autogenerated and Customized Fields of the RadDataForm In this video, we will see how easy it is to change the field name being displayed, add a description or even change properties based on field selection. We will also take a look at changing the default layout of the RadDataForm. (Download the Project)
  • Integrate RadDataForm with RadGridViewThe RadDataForm may be fully integrated with the RadGridView control. In this video, we will add the RadDataForm control to the RowDetails view of the RadGridView control. This will allow the end-user to edit the details of a row quickly and efficiently. (Download the Project)

Thanks for reading (and watching) and if you have any questions or comments then please let me know. Also, keep watching the XAMLflix page as we are releasing two new videos each and every week. You should go back and watch any videos that you have missed. 

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