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It’s a well-known fact that Telerik T-shirts are highly coveted – almost as much as Telerik tools. So it was no surprise that when the JustDecompile developers showed up at a recent tech. event sporting super fly Decompiled Ninja T-shirts that requests for the t-shirts came flooding in. One day, we even recorded more requests for the T-shirts than for JustDecompile support!


Until now, the T-shirts were not available to the public, but in recognition of the JustDecompile official version release, we will give away 50 Deco-Paks containing the limited edition JustDecompile T-shirt along with a bottle-opener, stress-ball and more (marginally useful paraphernalia).

To enter the drawing, simply install JustDecompile between now and February 29th. Five winners will be randomly drawn each day from February 20 to February 29 and will win a Deco-Pak. To enter the drawing, Download JustDecompile Now.

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