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With the new visual designer the old wizards are now hidden and not immediately usable. The recommended way is to use the Doman Model. All new functionality is now reachable from the new OpenAccess menu:




The options menu entry is enabled if a solution is opened.


The old wizards are not deprecated and will not be removed in one of the next releases, but you have to specify on a solution level that you want to use them.


In your existing projects the upgrade to the new version can be done by using the ‘Check Settings’ wizard, which will replace the references to the old OpenAccess version with references to new version. Additionally you have to re-enable the old menu entries. To make the old menu visible please open the Options Dialog from the Telerik OpenAccess menu and specify ‘Show Old menu entries…’ in the ‘General’ tab.




The setting is stored inside the solution file on a per solution base. If you want to start with a new solution but the old menu you have to re-enable it. If you open such a solution the old menu is visible immediately:




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