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Over the past several months we’ve been working hard to provide a more robust mobile development story inside of the Telerik Platform. We are taking the next step in improving and unifying the way mobile apps are built with our tools and services. As a result, the Platform 2.0 major release is just around the corner, giving the mobile developer the best starting point for a fast mobile app delivery.  

You can find more details about what is coming in December in the announcement post, or by joining us in the upcoming webinar on 12/3.

If you just want a quick preview, take a sneak-peek at the new look and feel of Telerik Platform 2.0.

Mobile Web Site Projects to be Deprecated

This end is also a new beginning, ​as with the release of the new Telerik Platform we'll be deprecating Mobile Web Site Projects. For us, this means that we are truly focused on delivering the best mobile development journey, hybrid or native, and on making sure developers are getting all they need to be successful in the mobile development battlefield.

Existing hybrid and native mobile app projects are not affected in any way! Nothing changes ​with Cordova and NativeScript-based mobile app projects.

For those of you who have built Mobile Web Site Projects, now—prior to the December release—is a good time to export and backup your code and data.

Here are ​some tips and tricks ​for how to be on the safe side with your Web Site Project:

In December, with the introduction of the new unified mobile Telerik Platform, we will discontinue the deprecated Web Site Projects. After that date ​Web Sites Projects will stop working and will not be accessible in any of the Platform clients. If you still need your code after that date, please contact the support team for assistance.  

What’s Next?

Many of you are ​probably still looking for the truly responsive web site development tooling and controls that will let you build your desktop and mobile solutions as one. So get in touch with us! We would love to know more details about your needs and pain points. We'll ​get that feedback and align our 2016 plans to provide a truly great responsive web solution for you.

About the Author

Vesna Stojanovska

Vesna Stojanovska (@vstojanovska) is currently working as a product manager for the Telerik Platform. She has been doing that for the past 5 years, but looking back, it ​feels like ​she always has​—since she enjoys talking to clients, finding pain points and crafting products, while preaching about Agile practices and seeing them in practice.

When not working, she is most probably traveling or making DIY projects with her kid.


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