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We are very excited with the announcement of our Q2 Beta release of RadControls for Silverlight 4.One of the most important new announcements is the new version of RadRichTextBox. The control went a long way since its CTP version and now we are eager to show you some of the new features we worked hard on during the last couple of months.

New Document Formats

First of all we will present the newly added import/export support for Html and Docx formats, which was among the most demanded features, because its heavy use for many business-oriented scenarios. Take a look at the screenshots below to see how the exported document looks in RadRichTextBox, MS Word (in docx format) and Internet Explorer (in html format):

EditorScreen WordScreen HtmlScreen


The next very important addition is the introduction of two options for printing the content in RadRichTextBox. Now you can choose between the native printing support in Silverlight 4 or print the content as an Html document using the browser printing capabilities.

Enhancements in Document Model

  • We received a lot of requests for Inline images, and now this feature is also a fact. Copy/paste and resizing are also available:

  • Another important feature - support for hyperlinks. Here is the dialog box used in the demo for inserting hyperlinks:

    … and the result is:

  • We empowered RadRichTextBox with predefined page sizes, margins and paragraph indents. All are easily accessible trough code as well:

    PredefinedSizes PredefinedMargins
  • The control now offers a wide range of underline styles:

    underlines_xaml  underlines
  • The paragraphs now have properties for spacing before/after and left/right indent. Here is how the paragraph properties dialog and the new ruler control look in Telerik’s rich text box:


  • Here comes the support for embedded Silverlight UI Elements. If you've ever wanted to put a RadGridView within the rich text box, now there is a way using InlineUIContainer:


  • Line and Page-breaks support:



Here you can see the beta version in action. Hope you’ll enjoy it!

We're looking forward to the Q2 release in the mid July when the first official version of the RadRichTextBox will be out. Meanwhile we will greatly appreciate your feedback!

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Mihail Valkov

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Centaur Team

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