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Thanks to all who attended last weeks What's New in Q3 2010 - WebUI Test Studio Webinar. Here is the blog post I promised to address all the questions that came in during the session!

Q: Is it possible to use data extraction to drive a navigate to?
A: Yes, this is indeed possible, simply extract the value from an HREF element, create a variable, and data bind the 'NavigateURL' property.



Q: Love the product, any plans for a WPF version?
A: We are in the process of finalizing our automated testing roadmap for 2011, however chances are good you will see WPF automation in the near future.



Q: Do we need anything special to implement WebUI in our environment?
A: No, as long as your application generates HTML to a web browser, WebUI will be able to automate against your application.

Q: Can the scheduling be more event based, for example when the nightly build is done compiling?
A: Yes, WebUI can be setup to work with Continuous Integration (CI).

Q: Is there the capability of executing tests remotely on Linux or Mac OS?
A: Presently tests can be executed on Windows XP / Vista / 7 / Server 2003 / 2008. We are looking into additional O/S support for test execution.

Q: Can you test a desktop application that uses an embedded browser (Internet Explorer)
A: Currently you are not able to automate against a thick client with a browser control.

Q: Can we read JavaScript variable values?
A: This is possible via a coded step (and a bit of JS). The coded step would call a JS functions added to the webpage to read the value of the variable and return it to the coded step.

Q: Can we test browser based Silverlight applications?
A: Yes

Q: Does this work well with Ajax and jQuery based UI?
A: Yes, Ajax and jQuery can be automated against with ease in WebUI.

Q: If the code needs to be on a remote share, can it be in TFS instead?
A: Projects can indeed be checked into TFS through WebUI, however for remote execution, the remote share is currently the only way.

Q: Can the test data be saved and then later reported on?
A: Yes, test results are stored in an .aiiresults file which is essentially an XML file containing the test list results.

Q: What's the difference between the Developer and QA Editions?
A: The QA Edition is a stand-alone application that does not require a license of Visual Studio. Additionally, in the QA Edition, you have the ability to create, reorder and schedule test lists across a network of execution servers. After test execution, the QA Edition can view the results from all remote executions locally on a single results calendar. Click here to find out more information on the differences.

Q: If a script is created in a previous version, can we just open in Q3 release?
A: Yes, however the test will be updated, once updated it can no longer be opened with older releases. We suggest making your own backup copy of all test projects prior installing any major, minor or even internal build of WebUI Test Studio, of course WebUI also will make a backup copy of your project.

Q: Are there plans to expand to Win32 applications - outside the browser?
A: As previously stated, we are in the process of finalizing our high level roadmap for 2011, please stay tuned for details.

Q: What browsers do you support?
A: WebUI Test Studio can playback tests in IE6+, Firefox 2+, Safari 3+ and Google Chrome 6+.



Q: Will this session be recorded?
A: Yes, this session was recorded and can be viewed 24/7 on Telerik TV.



Q: Did you say you need to use IE7 to record tests?
A: Correct, for recording, IE7+ is required.

Q: How can I specify which browser to run the test using scheduler?
A: You can adjust you test list settings to specify the target execution browser, this is located on the ‘Test Lists’ tab of WebUI Test Studio QA Edition.



Q: Do you have any demos for grid based testing?
A: Not at this time, but we are always working to add content to Telerik TV, please check back often for new how-to videos!



Q: Do you support Silverlight 4?
A: Yes, Silverlight 2+ is supported.



Q: Is there a way to save 'execute' setting so that you don't need to remember to do it? For example if you to default it to "fail on all tests".
A: Test Lists are ideal for this, however perhaps there is something that can be done for quick execution or to set ‘default’ test list settings. We will be sure to have an internal discussion around this.



Q: Can an extraction/variable be used for definition of a loop?
A: Currently any ‘Verify’ or ‘Wait’ statement can be used for a Do…While loop definition. We will however be sure to have an internal discussion around this request.



Q: Are these tests integral to a VS project?
A: The .aii format can be opened in Visual Studio if the Developer Edition of WebUI has been installed, however the .aii format is a proprietary WebUI Test Studio format.



Q: Does the product support smart object recognition? i.e. should an attribute change will the object still be recognized?
A: This depends on the ‘find logic’ for the element in question. As long as the method in which the element is being identified does not change, then the object will continue to be recognized. ‘Find Logic’ can easily be updated via our Element Explorer window. Check out this blog post for additional information!



Q: Are there image tests and if so, are the images referenced via an x,y coord of the parent window or via the control itself?
A: We do allow for image verification tests, these tests capture an image of an element at record time and compare with an image captured during test execution. For more information, check out our video on Telerik TV.

Q: Is there an object recognition tool that one can use to mouse over an element and then be directed to that equivalent in the DOM?
A: Yes, we have this exact feature, highlight an element using the hover over highlighting, then select the locate in DOM option from the Element Menu.

Q: How can one handle unexpected popups or events?
A: Our Test List Settings allow you to specify how you would like to handle unexpected dialogs. Your options include: “Handle and Fail Test”, “Handle and Continue Test”, “Do Not Handle”

Q: Is there a code view in addition to the lean grid view of a test?
A: If you right click a step you can select to customize the step in code – this allows you to view the code. You can always undo this action using the undo button on the toolbar.

Q: Is there an object repository that is shared or is it a per test object?
A: We have a shared repository across the entire project; elements are stored in this repository just once which makes test case maintenance quick and easy.

Q: Is the code behind available to be edited for more advanced if/then or other looping conditions?
A: During the live webinar I said that this was indeed possibly, have since learned that it is not, my apologies for the misinformation last week.

Q: How do we get to the configure scheduler screen? Do we need any additional license apart from the QA studio license?
A: The configure Scheduling Server and configure Execution Server shortcuts are installed with all Q3 editions of WebUI Test Studio, however only the QA Edition has the ability to create and schedule test lists for remote execution.

Q: Our continuous integration server is a VM (without a monitor), how do we implement WebUI on we need to have a monitor to pass the test successfully
A: You will not need a monitor, however you will require interactive desktop permissions on the system therefore the system cannot be logged off, locked or have the screen saved invoked. We have suggested using VNC which can connect to a system, leaving the user logged in upon disconnection.

Q: Can you stagger the injection of the generate as to not to overwhelm the web application?
A: You can set an Execution Delay (in msec) in your test list properties to slow down the execution.

Q: Can you provide windows authentication credentials?
A: Yes, the logon Dialog handler will work for windows authentication credentials.

Q: Is there a plan to put scheduling into the Developer Edition
A: Not at this time. Since the Developer Edition plugs into Visual Studio, it integrates with TFS out of the box, however no we do not have control over Visual Studio Test Lists.

Q: Is there support for execution from external tools like TeamBuild?

A: Yes, Please take a look at this article for additional information


Thanks again to everyone who attended and for all your great questions!


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