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The New .NET Compiler

It has been some time since Microsoft officially announced the Roslyn project, the new .NET compiler for C# and VB.NET for the upcoming Visual Studio version. Roslyn is not just a compiler but also a platform that provides Visual Studio users with essential features that will speed up their work, e.g. real time code analysis, quick fixes, refactorings and navigations. At the same time, it will be extendable to the point that users will have the ability to build the productivity tool for Visual Studio that best meets their needs. Of course this will come at a price of learning how to extend Roslyn and having in mind that it supports only C# and VB.NET. But the possibilities are there and open to everyone.

Just vs. Roslyn

And this cannot leave JustCode unaffected. JustCode has its own code analysis engine that provides the same functionality which will now come with Roslyn, such as code analysis, navigations, quick fixes, refactorings and many more. But it’s also true that JustCode right now offers much more in terms that it supports not only C# and VB.NET, but also JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Less, ASP.NET, XAML and Razor, and does this by giving you many more features like Go to Type, Go to Symbol, Find Extended Usages, Highlight Usages, Introduce Field, Move Type to Namespace, Create Equality Members, most of the quick fixes and a lot more. As we find Roslyn to be the future of .NET extensibility, we have decided to embrace and build on it. JustCode will be using the services Roslyn provides. And since we have always wanted to help you without standing in your way, we will offer you features that Visual Studio doesn’t provide out of the box and we’ll drop the others. Our goal is to offer you unique features and avoid confusing you with duplicates.

We believe this is the best possible solution for you, the users of Visual Studio and JustCode. You will be able to benefit from the performance and the features of the Roslyn platform and all additional JustCode features.

The “New” JustCode

The implementation of this new JustCode has already begun but you will be able to see and try the new version in a couple of months. We will be gradually implementing the most important features of JustCode using Roslyn, but this will be a continuous process so expect that not everything will be there in the next version of JustCode. We will be following what Visual Studio offers as features to make sure we provide you with unique value. And we’ll count on your help to let us know what you’re missing from the old versions of JustCode that you would like to see in the new version as well.

The “Old” JustCode

The JustCode versions that support older editions of Visual Studio (2005, 2008, 2010, 2012 and 2013) will remain intact and you will be able to use them as you did before.

Happy coding!
The JustCode team

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