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We release updates to JustDecompile on a regular basis to provide you with the highest quality, decompiled code, but we recently arrived at a milestone with JustDecompile Beta 3. We’re going to take a look at two highly requested features of JustDecompile that were recently added. Remember, you can always make your voice heard at the Telerik JustDecompile User Voice, and perhaps you will find your request featured in our next milestone.

Zip File Distribution

Telerik JustDecompile can now be downloaded as a zip file. You can put the files on a USB drive for easy access without installation, or you can put them on a server so others can decompile from their workstation.

Silverlight XAP Decompilation

We’ve added support for Silverlight XAP decompilation. This works from both your local file system and the web. First, let’s take a look at how you open a Silverlight file hosted on a website.

Step 1: Choose Open


Step 2: Type in a URL to a public address that contains a XAP file (e.g.


Step 3: Browse the decompiled XAP.



JustDecompile downloads a copy of the publicly-available XAP and decompiles it from your local system. This is evidenced by clicking on the XAP name and look at the info box in the lower-left corner.


JustDecompile has no problem decompiling a Windows Phone XAP file either. To test out this functionality, I found a free Windows Phone application I wrote a while back to see if I could peek inside of it. I used Open… | File(s)… instead of XAP URL.


The application is a free reader for DotNetShoutOut, and it was written over a year ago for Windows Phone 7.



What’s Coming

We’re always listening to the feedback provided on the JustDecompile User Voice, and the next feature we’re implementing is free text searching in an assembly. This will allow you to do a full text search in all loaded assemblies to find instances of a particular search term. Here is a screenshot of the prototype, taken directly from a JustDecompile developer’s build!


Remember: this is only a prototype and is subject to change. Feel free to let us know how we can make this feature useful to you.


We’ve made JustDecompile a must-have tool for all Silverlight Developers. The ability to recover old files or look inside assemblies to inspect what the compiler is doing to your code is invaluable. If you’re not already using it, download JustDecompile today!

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