The Q1 2012 release webinars are just around the corner, and we will be showing off some cool new features in Telerik JustCode. Here are the session details, be sure to check your schedule! Note: we’ll be giving away a Telerik Ultimate Collection.

What’s New in Tools for Better Code – JustCode, JustMock, JustTrace, JustDecompile

We have many exciting features to introduce for Just products in 2012 Q1. JustCode gains LINQ conversions, enhancements to the test runner, and support for QUnit and Jasmine. JustTrace makes it easier to find memory hogs with the Largest Memory Retainers view. JustMock gets a codeActivity workflow activity for Team Build. Finally, JustDecompile is officially out of beta!

February 21, 2012
11:00 – 12:00 AM EST

This session abstract only gives a tiny taste of what’s coming in this release. Some of these have already been covered in a blog post covering a recent internal build.

Naming Conventions

JustCode keeps your code clean, and we’ve added the capability to enforce naming conventions as part of the Code Style feature. There are seven types of rules you can apply: camelCase, PascalCase, UPPER_UNDERSCORE, lower_underscore, Sentence_underscore, PascalCase_UnderScore, and camelCase underscore. When a rule is violated, JustCode will show a warning. The quick fix menu will give you the option to rename is according to the appropriate rule.

More Code Style Features

Naming conventions may be the big news, but we’ve added other enhancements as well. You can now preview the effects of making changes to the formatter settings. We’ve also split the XML code style settings into three parts: XML, XAML, and HTML.

Type Code Completion

Looking for a type but don’t know the namespace? Press ctrl+alt+shift to bring every type referenced, regardless of the namespace. Start typing the name to find the type you’re looking for.

Visual Aid

New options have been added for the Visual Aid, and a Visual Aid menu under Options | Visual Feature contains all the options in one location. We’ve added new options as well, making the experience for mouse users more customizable.

Linq Conversions

Do you want to quickly switch between LINQ and loops? With the new LINQ conversions, you can quickly convert from query expressions to foreach loops or the extension method syntax. You can transform a loop into a LINQ expression.

Test Runner

Support for NUnit and MbUnit has been expanded to cover a few new attributes used in these testing frameworks. But the big news is we added support for QUnit and Jasmine! Now you can run your .NET and your JavaScript unit tests from one test runner.

Tons of New Quick Fixes, Refactorings, etc.

Of course!

Improved Decompiler

The decompiler in JustCode is basically JustDecompile integrated into Justcode. Described more accurately, it’s two tools, one engine. JustDecompile just had its engine replaced with one more powerful and accurate than ever before. JustCode gets this as well.

JustCode Extensions

This one has been under wraps, but Deyan Varchev discovered the project template that came with a recent build. Here’s the screenshot he posted to YFrog.


The JustCode API has been available for a long time: you can think of the features you use in JustCode as extensions to it. But now we’ve release official templates for you to create JustCode extensions. There are many powerful things you will be able to do with this.


There will be four products covered in this webinar, and there are many exciting features for each. Be sure to register today for Tools for Better Code!

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