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How to Customize the UserProfile Widget Edit Mode templates Using Out of the Box FieldControls
The blog post explains in detail how one can customize the Sitefinity CMS UserProfile widget template to facilitate user input when the widget is in Edit mode.

Improve the Application Start-Up and the Effects of Page Template Changes for Websites with Heavy Load
The blog posts explains how to improve the application start-up and what  the effects of page template changes are for websites with heavy load.

Get Template Layout Controls by CSS Class. Get and Set Layout Control Html Markup In the blog post you could find useful information about how to get the template layout controls by CSS class, and how to get and set layout control html markup.

White Spaces in Front of Inline Tags are Being Deleted in Content Block Widget
This KB addresses cases in which plain text is added in the Content block's text area that is not wrapped by a paragraph and which has some styles added. The space in front of the bolded words are being deleted.

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