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Announcing JustTrace Q3 2013 
JustTrace has always been a great and easy to use tool for tracing and profiling your applications, but this new release has some great new features that make this great tool even better!

JustTrace Q3 2013 will be the last version to support Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 
Check why this is needed in the above article.

Profiling Outgoing Web Requests
JustTrace will now show you outgoing web request, in the profiled application.

Inspect Instance View
With the Inspect Instance view of JustTrace, you can track all referenced objects for a specific instance.


Announcing the 2013 Q3 JustMock Release–Bigger and Badder Than Ever 
Once again, the brilliant engineers from Telerik’s Mocking and Tracing Team have packed some amazing features into JustMock for the newest release. Check them out here.

Rapid Testing With JustCode
Make the writing of JustMock unit tests much easier with JustCode. 

Debug View
In this article you will find information about the Debug View usage in Telerik JustMock. It is really useful when comes to debugging tests and finding where the unexpected behavior comes from. 

Mocking Delegates
With Telerik JustMock you can mock delegates and additionally use all mock capabilities on them. This article will show you how this can be achieved.

Telerik OpenAccess ORM

Split Your Domain Model into Multiple Diagrams
Telerik OpenAccess ORM allows you to split your Domain Model into multiple diagrams. See how to do so in this video.

Decorate Domain Classes with DataContract and their properties with DataMember attributes
See how to add DataContract and DataMember attributes to your C# Domain Classes and their properties using a set of customized Code Generation Templates.

Telerik Reporting

Report DataSource
Forum post elaborating on the report source types supported by the new HTML5 Report Viewer

How to: Add report viewer to a WPF application
Updated help article elaborating on how to add report viewer to a WPF application and the required binding redirects in case the RadControls for WPF assemblies have a greater version than the one against which the WPF report viewer control is build

How to: Swap Graph Axes
Help article elaborating on how to swap Graph Axes

How to: Switch Row / Column
Help article elaborating on how to Switch Row/Column in the Graph item


Responsive design for Sitefinity Ecommerce module
The blog post provides a sample CSS styling guidelines to make Sitefinity Ecommerce module responsive for mobile devices.

Sitefinity partial match search
The blog post provides customization to Sitefinity built in search box widget that allows every user that searches in Sitefinity to search for all available matches of certain search term.

Rejecting item sent for approval in Module Builder trough the API
The blog post provides a customization to Sitefinity static method for moving dynamic items in different workflow states (Published, Awaiting Approval, etc) to provide the ability to add rejection reason when rejecting an item trough the API.

Add a widget in the toolbox
Updated article demonstrating how one can register custom and user controls in the PageControls Toolbox, so they can be used on any Sitefinity page and template.

Widget designers
Updated article elaborating on the concepts of building control designers for Sitefinity widgets. The updated sections include Create a simple widget designersCreate multiple view widget designersCreate the designer and all their subsections

Field widgets
The team has rewritten a significant portion of the available information for Sitefinity FieldControls, to ensure it is up to date with our latest versions, as well as introduced new sections covering the basics and usage scenarios for some of the out of the box FieldControls including TextFieldDateFieldHierarchicalTaxonFieldFlatTaxonFieldAddressField, and the Build a custom field widget section.

Utility widgets: ResourceLinks widget
An article outlining the basics of our ResourceLinks widget, and demonstrating its application in common use case scenarios.

RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX

“Cloudy with a chance of file uploads”
Blog post explaining how to successfully upload files to Azure, Amazon S3 and Telerik Everlive in ASP.NET AJAX

RadScheduler Web Api Binding
This Code Library demonstrates the RadScheduler's new functionality that allows users to bound it to HTTP service using ASP.NET Web API.

Attach the dropdown to the input element while scrolling within a scrollable container.
Code Library, which shows to resolve the common issue, where the drop down remains opened and detached from the combo's input element.

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