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Extending Sitefinity SiteMap and Navigation. Simple MVC Navigation

In the blog post is shown how the SitefinitySiteMap provider and navigation could be extended to show nodes depending on custom criteria - specific user roles, page's view permissions role and specific user.

Minification of layout_transofrmation.css
In this blog post is explained how to minify layout_transformation.CSS as a result significantly decrease the file size and therefore the page load time.

Kendo UI

New blog posts:
Announcing the Telerik Kendo UI Q3 2014 Roadmap

Kendo UI Tooling – Which Productivity Tools Do You Use?

Functional GUI Testing and Kendo UI

New documentation articles:
Reorder Grid table rows using the Sortable widget
The sample project demonstrates how to reorder Telerik UI for ASP.NET MVC Grid table rows using the Sortable widget and synchronize the changes to the server.

Kendo Globalization/Localization with angular-translate
The project demonstrates how change the kendo.culture and widget messages using angular-translate $languageProvider


Fluid Design with RadMap
Help article that explains the fluid design capabilities of RadMap.

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