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New documentation articles:

Documentation article:Create a localized page
This article contains a sample how to create a localized page trough code.

Documentation article:Add a translation to a localized page
This article contains a samples how to add a translation for other languages to a page.

Documentation article:Resolve dynamic links
Sitefinity enables you to automatically update the references you make from your content item to other content - media or pages - thus avoiding the need to update links manually every time referenced content is modified.

Documentation article:Insert a tooltip in the navigation
This article demonstrates how to insert a tooltip in the navigation

Documentation article:Sitefinity version compatibility with RadControls and OpenAccess versions
This article contains a list of all Sitefinity release since Sitefinity 4.0, showing the RadControls and OpenAccess version each uses.

And finally, here is a list of all updated articles:


Elastic Design with RadMap
Help article that explains the elastic design capabilities of RadMap.


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