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Create search indexes that apply to different groups of pages
This blog post describes how you can extend the default page inbound pipe in Sitefinity in order to be able to create search indexes that apply to different groups of pages.
Sitefinity Thunder - why you need it, how to install and set it up
This post, summarizes some of the most important features Sitefinity Thunder holds, taking you through the installation process and explains which features of Thunder you might use in different cases.
Extend Sitefinity security. Add a custom claim
In this blog post you will see how the default simple web token service handler could be overridden by adding a custom claim. Then the claim will be validated by a custom token handler.
Extend the Archive widget to use Dynamic Items
In this article is shown the way how to extend the Archive widget in order to show the Dynamic Items. The currently supported Items and setting up of the Build-in widget is described in that documentation article.

New documentation articles:

Change URL format for built-in modules with single content type
This article explains how to configure the URL format for built-in modules that have single content type. For example, News or Events.
Change the URL format of hierarchical dynamic modules
The article contains two samples you can use to change the URL format of dynamic content items.
Change URL format for modules with multiple content types
This article contains a procedure to configure the URL format for modules that have more than one content type. For example, Blogs module that has Bogs and Blog posts content types.

Updated articles:


Custom Storage Provider
This new help article explains the ability of the RadPersistenceFramework for using a different provider to store the save state of the controls.

UI for WinForms

You can temporarily store text in the Clipboard and then paste it in a different location. Using "Copy" and "Paste" gets quite useful when you want to enter the same content repeatedly. RadGridView supports built-in Copy/Paste functionality.
Copy/Paste DisplayMember for GridViewComboBoxColumn
By default, the RadGridView  built-in copy/paste functionality uses the selected cells’ value when storing data in the Clipboard. However, when you have a GridViewComboBoxColumn it is more suitable to copy/paste the cells’ text.

Formatting appointments
Appointments appearance in RadScheduler can be customized using the AppointmentFormatting event.

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