Just Trace

Use the Disposed Object View in JustTrace to Find the Zombies in Your Code
One of the major new features in JustTrace for 2013 Q2 is the Disposed Object view. Quite simply, when you use JustTrace to profile the memory of your .NET application it will track objects that implement the IDisposable interface that have had their Dispose method called, but have not been garbage collected.

Just Mock

Private Accessor
Check how the Telerik JustMock PrivateAccessor can help you when you need to call non-public members of the tested code in your unit tests.

Kendo UI

Announcing Angular Kendo UI
In this blog post you can learn more about Kendo UI and AngularJS integration.

Kendo UI SPA Screencasts: Layout And DataSource
The most recent screen cast include part 1 and 2 of the Layout and DataSource objects..

Protecting Your Mellow With JavaScript Linters
This blog post discusses JavaScript code linting.

KendoUI-Lint.vim Plugin
Labs project

How to show horizontal scroll bar for kendo grid without data
Useful forum thread

Telerik OpenAccess ORM

How to: Implement the IDataErrorInfo Interface
Since Q2 2013, Telerik OpenAccess ORM is able to generate for you implementation of the IDataErrorInfo interface for each domain class. This article will show you how to take advantage of that not only for the domain models you will create but also for those that already exist.

How to: Generate Classes in Project/File Folder

Find out how Telerik OpenAccess ORM can help you organize the files of your domain model.

Customizing Code Generation Section
This documentation section contains the recommended workflows for changing the type of the collection, that Telerik OpenAccess ORM uses to generate the navigation properties of the domain classes.

How to: Customize Add OpenAccess Service Code Generation
If you need to customize the outcome from a service generated by the Add OpenAccess Service wizard, this article will provide you with a step-by-step guide of the process.

How to: Copy an instance of an object or entire graph using Open Access ORM
This code library will present to you an example about how to copy the entire graph of related database objects with Telerik OpenAccess ORM.

Rad Controls for ASP.NET AJAX

Disabling embedded resources
Updated article describing how to disable embedded scripts/skins in RadControls.


Custom CDN provider
Updated article describing how to use custom CDN provider.

Programmatic Creation
New article describing how to create a RadTileList programmatically.

Rad Controls for WinForms

Video: Multi-Axes Support in RadChartView
The Multi-Axes feature of RadChartView introduces a whole new realm of data visualization possibilities. Now you can visualize data from multiple sources plotted against a common axis all in the same chart. This allows you to make better decisions with the data, identify patterns and relationships, or simply save form real estate in your application by combining multiple charts into one.

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