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3 Tips for Using Telerik Data Access and AutoMapper
AutoMapper is a great tool for handling object to object mapping scenarios in your Telerik Data Access application. Check out this blog post and see our tips for using AutoMapper with Telerik Data Access entities.

Handling Error: Unsupported Operation: Result set is discarded
Are you experiencing exception with message "Unsupported Operation: Result set is discarded: New database transaction was started"? This Knowledge Base article will show you how to easily handle such error.


Standalone Report Designer Keyboard Shortcuts
Help article elaborating on the Keyboard Shortcuts in the standalone Report Designer

Map Location Providers
Help article elaborating on the Location Providers for the Map item


Latest Knowledge base articles:

KB: HttpContext issue in MVC Controller in 7.0
Since the launch of “Project Feather” there are significant breaking changes in Sitefinity 7 MVC API. This article explains how to revert back our “obsolete” functionality to overcome some reported issues related with HttpContext used in MVC Controller.

Latest blogposts:

Blog Post:Accent Insensitive Search in Sitefinity
This blogpost describes how to achieve accent insensitive search in Sitefinity CMS in a result of many client requests.

New documentation articles:

Documentation article: Create a custom widget to display responsive images
Describes how to create a custom image widget adapting to any device & resolution.


Diagram - Server-Side Programming
Demo that shows how to configure the diagram on the server.

Diagram - Customize Diagram Elements
Demo that shows how to customize the appearance of the diagram elements.

UI for WinForms

Themes and appearance
The control is shipped with a rich set of themes that allow you to easily build slick interfaces with the look-and-feel of Windows, Office, Outlook, etc.

Formatting Items
The DetailsView of RadListView provides a grid-like interface for displaying items with more than one data field. It is possible to customize each cell element, using the CellFormatting event.

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