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Telerik Data Access - Handling Connectivity Issues by Using a Backup Storage - Part 1 and Part 2
Check out this two part blog post series and see one of the ways you can use Telerik Data Access in your application to account for possible connectivity problems.

How to: Customize the Code Generation when Converting Forward Mapped Persistent Classes
Telerik Data Access now allows you to apply customized code generation templates when converting a Classic Model with forward mapped classes. Click the link to see how.


Knowledge Base
Updated help section that provides a list with all relevant KB articles

Telerik Reporting REST Service Localization
Help article elaborating on the Telerik Reporting REST Service localization

HTML5 Report Viewer Localization
Help article elaborating on the Telerik Reporting HTML5 Report Viewer localization


Diagram - Data Binding
New demo that shows the data binding of diagram shapes and connections.

Diagram - Client-Side Programming
New demo that introduces the client-side capabilities of RadDiagram.

Visualizing Percentage Data as Progress Bar
This code library demonstrates how to style all cells in a column in such manner, so a percentage value could be presented as a progress bar within the cell.

UI for WinForms


Formatting Series Labels
This article demonstrates how the series labels can be customized.

Formatting Trackball Labels
The article demonstrate how the appearance of the trackball label can be customized


Drag and Drop from Another Control
This article demonstrates how to implement drag and drop functionality between RadScheduler and ListBox.


Binding to a collection of Interfaces

This article demonstrates you how to bind to a collection of interfaces and still be able to add new rows from RadGridView’s UI

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