Memory Snapshot Enhancements in JustTrace Q1 2013
JustTrace now seamlessly integrates into Visual Studio to provide an unobtrusive development experience, but that’s not all we did for the Q1 2013 release. We also enhanced memory snapshots to provide more data to discover the cause of a memory leak.

Put an End to Mind Melt
Welcome to JustTrace Mind Mint, the refreshing .NET profiler with two, minty profiler flavors!


Fast. Free. Forever.
The JustDecompile development team did an amazing job. They’ve released a free product that outperforms everyone else.


Profiled Automocking with JustMock
The first major release of 2013 (specifically, the 2013-Q1 release) of JustMock brought us Profiled Automocking! This article will get you familiar with the benefits of using it


Quality is in the Details
Some hints about adequate using of JustCode.

Amp Up Your Visual Studio Productivity
Interesting FAQs and answers regarding *Just suite.


Preserve the dirty indicator in incell editing and client operations
This example demonstrates how to preserve the dirty indicator in incell editing and client operations.

Introducing JayData And Kendo UI
JayData is a JavaScript data manager library that provides a friendly, unified developer experience over a number of different online and offline data APIs and data sources like IndexedDB, WebSQL or OData.

Introducing the Kendo UI Labs
Last week in our Spring 2013 launch event, we announced a brand new website for open-source Kendo UI extensions and integrations. In this post, I’ll share a bit more about the site, which you can check out for yourself at labs.kendoui.com.

Telerik OpenAccess ORM

Upgrading OpenAccess ORM to Q1 2013: Restore Custom Diagram Layout
In Q1 2013, OpenAccess ORM released the Multi-Diagrams feature that introduced a new format of the .diagram file that holds the information about the visual representation of the domain model's diagram in Visual Designer. This knowledge base article describes a workflow that will help you restore the layout for an existing domain model to its state prior an upgrade to OpenAccess ORM Q1 2013.

How to: Perform Safe Delete Without Foreign Key Constraints
There are scenarios when for a variety of reasons the developers prefer to set database relationships without enforcing foreign key constrains or not create relationships at all. In such cases the integrity of the data stored in the database might be disrupted due to a delete operation. This knowledge base article offers a solution how such a scenario can be handled with OpenAccess.

RadControls for Windows 8

Adding Formatting for Data and Columns and Sorting to the RadGrid for Windows 8 HTML
A new blog post explaining how to provide formatting for RadGrid column, assign styles to specific columns only and configure sorting.

Create Master/Detail Grids (HTML)
A new help article explaining how to use RadGrid selection and the Telerik.Data.DataSource capabilities to
create a master/detail grid scenario.

Show Progress While Loading RadGrid (HTML)
Another new help article showing how to display a progress control, while RadGrid is fetching and processing its data.

HTML Output and CSS Classes (HTML)
A series of articles describing the HTML output and CSS classes of RadGrid with different features enabled.

RadControls for WinForms

Get the most out of Telerik's PDF Viewer for WinForms
RadPdfViewer enables you to easily load and display PDF documents natively in your app without using any third-party tools except Telerik’s WinForms toolbox. Thanks to its built-in UI virtualization, RadPdfViewer delivers a performant solution in every scenario. This component will come as a nice addition to your Content Management Systems and Reporting applications. The article describes the feature set of RadPdfViewer.

It’s alive and kicking! Implement animated live tiles in your WinForms application
From the Windows 8 start screen to the XBox, SkyDrive and Windows Phone – tiles seem to be everywhere. Live tiles soup up regular tiles by providing animation, imagery, interactivity, and live data displays that enhance user experience. Did you know that Windows Forms applications can take advantage of the features of live tiles? With the RadPanorama control and the RadLiveTileElement you can provide your users with their content at a glance quickly and easily. This blog post will walk you through creating a small live tiles sample, implementing and adding the tiles programmatically.

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