Within the next few weeks, we intend to publish a series of posts that will introduce you to the new Search Enhancements that we have been working on intensively during the past month.

Being part of our overall Site Search Improvements program we would first like to present to you the Autocomplete functionality.

 The site search autocomplete

The new feature is already turned on for all the search fields on our website and we hope it really helps you get the needed search results faster and much more accurate.

Forums search autocomplete

This is a small but yet very helpful step leading to the general improvement of the search experience on our website.

The next step to be taken would again present a new feature implementation which will be announced with our next article. 

Check the screenshot below to get a hint of what is coming up next week.

The new autocomplete features

Guess what the question marks stand for and you will find out what the titles of our next blog posts would be.

We wish you luck … and happy searching through our website!

About the Author

Paulina Tsolova

 is Brand Manager | ASP.NET


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