It’s been almost a year since we first introduced the first changes in “Your Account” section. The rapid expansion of Telerik’s product portfolio required new product management tools and logic. That led to a “Your Account” section consisting of four separate areas for the four product divisions. It was not easy to use and maintain.

Now we are happy to introduce to you the new and improved “Your Account” section with better navigation and logic. Thanks to your valuable feedback, excessive research and hard work we managed to put all your registered products in one place so you can easily manage your licenses and projects.

Your Account Main Page

Although it doesn’t look very different from the previous version the page now has new navigation logic. You can now go to “Your Products” page and have all your products listed for managing, or if you want to do something specific you can choose from the “task oriented” links on the right. Either way you will easily get to the page or product you wish to interact with.


Your Products Page

Get a 360* view of all your purchased, trial or free Telerik products. With this new design you will have complete overview and control over all available product options and services. Everything is just a click away.



Manage Licensed Developers Page

Managing your licensed users has never been easier. Have multiple products? No problem. You can assign a user to more than one product with just a couple of clicks.

Boost your team productivity by allowing each member to share tickets and decide which of them are transparent to the team. Simply choose the permissions level you’d like for each of team member. You can also allow team leaders to distribute license within their team by giving them permission to manage licensed users.


Product File Downloads*

We have made it easy to find what you are looking for by separating files into categories and providing detailed information on what is included in downloadable packages. Useful additional information is also within easy reach to the right of the file list.

* This page will be available if you have purchased any of Telerik products.


Renewals and Upgrades

You will now find information on the exact list of licensed users assigned to a particular purchase, the dates of expiration of your support and major updates subscription. You will also be able to read a detailed explanation of what each renewal or upgrade option will give you and make an informed decision.


Telerik Testing Tools and TeamPulse License Keys Management Page*

A refreshed look and quick access to all license keys by product. Links to those pages will be shown on “Your Account” main page if you have one of the products.

* These pages will be available if you have purchased any edition of Telerik WebUI Test Studio, or Telerik TeamPulse.


Sitefinity License Management*

Your Sitefinity licenses, regardless which product version, are now listed in one place by domain. If a license has no domain registered it is listed on top of the page for ease of reference. If you would like to review all details about your license, assign developers, or renew your subscription, you can easily do so, by following the Manage link.

* This page will be available if you have purchased Sitefinity WebCMS.


About the Author

Vassil Petev

is a Product Manager at Telerik. Loves gadgets, sailing, skiing and DJing.



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