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I thought I was the only one.  I thought it was just me and that I was doing something wrong or extraordinary.  I shut up.  Now the genie is out of the bottle.  First it was Roy Osherove's frustration with VS2005.  Now, my colleague and friend Atanas forwarded Ayende Rahein's complaints and his rant about VS2005 getting in the way of TDDminimsft has collected a lot of other rants about all the defects that have long been known and have not been fixed for the final version.

I have two problems with VS2005:
  • Web site projects compiles are sloooow.  The r.a.d.controls suite installer packs a whopping 400-500 examples (Jeez, guys, how could we create that many?).  VS2003 opens and compiles the project in the blink of an eye.  VS2005 does a full solution rebuild in... wanna guess? 5 minutes!!!  We are adding new products this quarter and the example page number will grow.  I don't want to tell customers that the sample solution compile is slow because of the tool.  I don't want to tell them to turn off the web site build.  You can't exclude files from the solution... it's this whole "innovative" web site project that automatically includes everything in your site's folder.
  • The IDE crashes a lot.  This makes me angry, and I get out of the flow state.  I was playing with a WinForms project last night, and the IDE kept crashing every other time I ran a test from TestDriven.Net's menu.  That makes the tool almost unusable.  Even if it's an addin problem, it's not supposed to take the entire IDE down.
I will be working on a workaround for the first problem.  It is a really annoying thing.  The second one is not a show stopper: I am used to running my tests from the NUnit GUI runner.  If the crashes continue after I uninstall every addin... I will have to look for a development tool elsewhere.  Maybe I can stick to VS2003 and use it to edit C# 2.0 source.  I hope Microsoft will release a service pack or something really soon.


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