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We've just wrapped up the first season of our Virtual Classroom. It's all now available on-demand for you, our customers. Read on to find out to access it all.

Virtual Classroom, Season 1 wrapped up last month and we've posted every minute of the technical training sessions online for our customers to watch on-demand. This article will show you how to access the on-demand library - the key to unlocking the Ninja Master badge!

We covered our complete developers tools UI portfolio, including:

Web UI

  • Kendo UI & Angular
  • Kendo UI & React
  • Kendo UI & Vue
  • Kendo UI & JQuery
  • Telerik UI for ASP.NET MVC & Core
  • Telerik UI for AJAX

Desktop UI

  • Telerik UI for UWP
  • Telerik UI for WPF
  • Telerik UI for WinForms

Mobile UI

  • Telerik UI for Xamarin


  • Telerik Reporting & Report Server

How to Access Virtual Classroom On-Demand

Here is how you can access the on-demand library from Season 1:

  • Log-in to your account homepage on account (direct link, login required)
  • When you arrive at the 'Your Account' homepage, look for the 'Training' message under the 'Updates & Alerts' section. This will contain the magic link the enter the Virtual Classroom on-demand - Your Account
  • Note: If you are an active Telerik DevCraft Ultimate license holder, you will have two links, the first will grant you access to the on-demand library, while the second will allow you to register to attend Season 2 of the Virtual Classroom Live!
    Your Account - DCU
  • After clicking in to 'Watch Recordings', you will be presented with options to stream any of the sessions. Each session is about 4 hours and is broken into 4-5 smaller segments.

IMPORTANT: If you have are running and AdBlocker, these messages won't be visible to you, so make sure to turn it off for that page


If you have any trouble or would like to provide feedback on the training - please do not hesitate to contact me directly:

Enjoy the training and check back in the coming months for more updates as Season 2 gets underway!

Want to Join In?

If you don’t have an active license, consider purchasing today. If you have an active license but would like to participate in the live online instructor-led versions of the training in future seasons, upgrade to Telerik DevCraft Ultimate today. 

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About the Author

Daniel Levy

Daniel Levy is the Director of Business Development for Developer Tooling (Telerik & Kendo UI product lines) at Progress and is based in San Francisco, CA. Daniel has a passion for technology, a vision for product, and a story to tell. When he is not at the keyboard, you’ll likely find him behind a camera at sunrise. You can follow Daniel on Twitter @dlevy.


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